Mike Pinto has been shooting competitively since 1998. He competes nationally and internationally in action shooting sports as well as International Skeet. He has appeared on TV shooting shows to include 2 times on 3-Gun Nation. Mike is the current Area4 USPSA Director as well as the Chairman of the Board for USPSA Multi-Gun.

Match Accomplishments
3-Gun Nation Tac-Iron Champion – Season 1
Midwest 3-Gun Tac-Iron Champion
Arkansas 3-Gun Limited Champion and 2 top 3 finishes
Rocky Mountain 3-Gun 2-time top 3 finishes
Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Limited top 3
USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2-time top 3 finishes

Major Matches for 2016
Oklahoma Level 2 IPSC Rifle Championship
Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun
USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals
Vortex Shooters Choice 3-Gun Championship
Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship
Resurgence 3-Gun Championship