G2 Competition BCG EVO (NiB)

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EVO G2 Competition Bolt Carrier Group is not your average Nickle Boron this is the new patented EXO – NiB.  EXO IS TWICE as good in every category than traditional Nickel Boron.  EVO’s coating is unmatched by any competing NiB technology.  Better heat resistance & Coefficient of Friction while remaining cost effective have made EVO our best selling Carrier to date.

The Competition  EVO has been designed to run in AR15 configurations using a gas tube that is MID LENGTH OR LONGER and a REDUCED RECOIL SYSTEM.  The milspec buffer and spring are designed to be used with heavy standard BCG’s & will cause damage to you bolt and/or carrier.  However, by adding an adjustable gas system, the Taccom recoil buffer, and Enhanced reduced power spring, overall recoil is significantly reduced.  The  NiB(EXO) coating is twice as durable and has a coefficient of friction of 0.08.  Unlike traditional NiB the EXO has the appearance of chrome and is even easier to clean.  All Iron City Rifle Works bolt carriers feature forward assist while remaining light weight.  Our EVO (BCG) is paired with our matching Carpender-158 Enhancd Bolt.  We finished it off by adding our Enhanced Reliability kit giving you a BCG that can handle the most extreme environments. 

Competition Bolt Carrier Groups are designed for 556 & MUST be used with a reduced recoil system designed for light weight carriers.

*Iron City Rifle Works HIGHLY recommends using an adjustable gas system and the TACCOM reduced recoil buffer and spring for best results.

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