Product Description

This is the best Tactical Muzzle Break/Flash Hider we have ever tested.  This Break is great for 3Gun competitions with surprisingly good recoil reduction at a great price!!
The Proctor Muzzle Device was designed to offer excellent recoil control/sight recovery with minimal over pressure on and around the shooter. This device also works as good as an A2 flashider in regards to muzzle flash reduction. I have found that this muzzle device is more effective as a brake than any other brake/hider muzzle device I have used. It's also not as loud for the shooter as some of the other muzzle devices on the market. I use this muzzle device for everything from 3 Gun to CQB and have been very pleased with the results!

The Proctor Muzzle Device is 2.25" inches long, and weighs 3.4 oz.

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Type: Parts

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