Thanks for joining our page and following us we really appreciate the continued support from all of you guys that have been apart of this. We started as a small veteran run business and we are really starting to grow, But we realize that not all of you know how we came to this point so let me tell you a little bit more about us and our journey so far.
We started in 2016 with the development of our unique bolt carrier groups (BCG’S) for the shooting industry, using the latest technology available to design the strongest and slickest BCG available today. We have very unique high performance coatings on all our BCG’S. But it’s not just the coatings its the design aspects and the way me machine it, finish it and coat it that makes the ultimate difference. Can you claim to shoot thousands of rounds out of your AR rifle without using any kind of solvents to clean your BCG, Because we can. And all of you who have our BCG know you can too.
Our BCG’S had a great impact on the market and we were getting so much feedback and response from you guys asking us to make a bunch of other products because you saw the performance and quality difference that we were bringing to the market so…we listened, we started the designs of other BCG’s for 9mm and other calibers and started running tests. We will never put out a product that we have not thoroughly researched designed and tortured. we also started on designing some other parts like Lower receivers, Upper Receivers, handguards and barrels.
Late 2018 we launched our BERSERKER LITE series of handguards and lowers and uppers and we got a huge response! You loved it as much as we did. 2019 we have launched our Low Recoil Precision (LRP) barrel and we are bringing out more in our barrel line this year. We have so many more projects in the line up right now and we have so much more to come. we are constantly working on new designs and new ideas. Watch our page closely to see what we have coming out at shot show 2020 we know you guys will all be excited to see what’s coming next!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us and trusted in our products to be your go to for high quality and performance, Thank you to all who shared our page and invited your friends, Thanks to our awesome shooting team for trusting in us to provide the performance that you all need, And thank you to everyone who has messaged us with ideas and feedback. we really do listen to you and do what we can to make products that everyone will love and enjoy. We look forward to continuing to bring innovation and the trusted performance and quality that you all expect from us here at Iron City Rifle Works
From the ICRW Team

Iron City Rifle Works proudly sponsors many events & matches during the year. The Iron City Shooting Team participates in matches across the country representing Iron City Rifle Works and the following sponsors.

Team Members

Josh Tarrant

Team Captain-Ohio

I am an avid competitor and lifelong athlete. I have been a shooter, hunter and outdoorsman my entire life and have always loved firearms. I discovered actions shooting sports in the spring of 2014 where I attended my first IDPA match. I then shot my first USPSA Pistol Match and then discovered 3Gun. By June of 2014, I was outfitted with the gear required to compete and it has dominated my thoughts and actions from the beginning. I won my first 6 local matches and shot my first major match (FNH Championship) where I placed 90th out of 280 shooters. Since that time I have focused on rapid improvement and more importantly sharing the knowledge I have gained with new shooters. My teammate and I began teaching 3Gun 1o1 classes in mid-2015 at local gun clubs for free. We ran training sessions and help new shooters get into the sport. I have been lucky enough to acquire sponsorship with some of the best companies in the firearms Industry and love working with them in the development and promotion of their products. I utilize my social media presence, personal interactions and corporate connections to promote and support my sponsors.

Fausto Vaca


I'm Fausto Vaca I'm from Chattanooga Tn, and love shooting guns...
I'm the business owner of Fausto's Power Garage in Collegedale ,Tn and I have been an automotive technician for over 32 years.
Married to my amazing wife for 30 years and a father to 3 children who have supported me through my growing business and hobbies.
My first passion has been working on fast cars but my second passion is shooting ``fast``!! Spending time at the range has turned into a form of therapy for me after some not always stressful days at the shop !!!

I started shooting IDPA competitively since 2012, and then in 2013 I was introduced to a new game called ``3-gun`` and I have been hooked ever since! I'm currently holding a Semi-Pro classification in 3 Gun, and I'm a class A shooter I. PCC division of USPSA.
I'm an avid competitor trying to meet my goals of winning a championship and at the same time spreading the good word about the products I use on my journey to the top.
I have been lucky enough and thankful to represent IRON CITY RIFLE WORKS and some great companies that support our competition shooting!!
I'm looking forward to new opportunities this year and getting closer to reaching my goals !!
If you ever see me at the range don't hesitate to ask me any questions I'll be more than happy to help you....see you at the range...!!!

Heath Davis


I am an Alabama native and have lived in this area all my life. My passion for the outdoors and shooting sports began at an early age. Like most, I started with a .22 rifle that was used to shoot cans, milk jugs, and the occasional squirrel. I began shooting competitively at a local USPSA club match in Aug 2013. I joined that club shortly after and still compete regularly in those monthly matches. My first 3gun match followed in Feb 2014 and I became even more addicted to the sport. The 2015 season brought about my first major matches in both USPSA and 3gun with the Alabama Sectional and 3GN Southern Regional respectively. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to travel throughout the southeast to major 3gun and USPSA matches. I enjoy exposing new people to the action shooting sports and promoting a healthy and safe 2A lifestyle.

Adolphus Jones

North Carolina

I served as a law enforcement patrol officer with Independent Special Police in Charlotte, NC for 3 years. Starting in 2009, I expanded general shooting interests to include several competitive shooting sports (IDPA, USPSA & 3- Gun) and routinely compete on the weekends in NC, SC, and surrounding states. In the past I've enjoyed drag racing motorcycles. At matches, I enjoy spending time sharing my knowledge with new shooters and and very active on social media.

Giving back to the shooting sports is very important to me. From 2011-2013 I helped coach Piedmont Middle School Shooting Sports Team. In 20111 completed the NRA Range Safety Officer Certification & in 2012 became a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. During the past 2 years I have volunteered as a Range Officer for 3Gun Nation events.

Will Rownd


Tucker Schmidt


Andrew Letyszonek

New Jersey